WaiVista Limited is a debt collection company that is owned and operated by Ray Keenan, a skilled professional with a background in the receivables management industry in New Zealand. Waivista Limited debt collectors guarantee fast, professional and highly efficient debt collecting services both in the Wellington area and nationwide. WaiVista has an impeccable track record and the company takes pride in the fact they have helped hundreds of clients collect their debt over the past 25 years.

WaiVista Limited does all the debt collection work on your behalf and you will be kept up to date with real-time invoicing and reporting services, so you will always be well-aware of the progress throughout the debt collecting process.

Debt Collection Services Wellington

WaiVista Limited provides several different services in the receivables management niche, but perhaps none of them is so popular as the debt collection. If you agree upon the fact that the accounts receivables are amongst a company’s most valuable and important assets, then you certainly understand just how important it is to rely on a team of professional Wellington debt collectors to help you recover any money that you are owed.

What makes WaiVista Limited stand out from the other companies that offer similar services in New Zealand is the fact that it operated on a “No-Collect, No-Fee” system. Unless otherwise stated, unless the debt is collected you have no payment obligations to WaiVista Limited.

Our fully trained debt collectors will always update individuals about their unpaid accounts via e-mail, phone, letters as well as face-to-face meetings. Our aim is to build positive relationships with our customers and facilitate constructive communication. A key part of how we recover debt is coming up with a tailored and effective plan of action for payment resolution. 

Ledger Management Services

In addition to debt collection, the company also offers high-quality and professional ledger management services that will allow you to monthly manage your debtors’ ledger, thus helping you keep your debt to an acceptable level. 

Repossession Services

Asset repossession can be quite challenging at times, but at WaiVista Limited you can always count on Ray Keenan’s 25 years of experience in the field to repossess any valuables in a professional and reputable manner.

Whether you are in need of a reliable and trustworthy debt collector to help you recover any monies owed to your business, or if you need a professional to manage your ledger or to help you repossess your assets, you can count on WaiVista Limited to provide a professional and effective service. Visit our website today for more details on our services and request a free quote.

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